Why Buy Property in Tagaytay?

Tagaytay City is bordered by the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake to the south, the charming Manila Bay to the north, China Sea to the west and Laguna de Bay to the east. The city has long been a famed tourist destination and now buying Tagaytay house and lot properties is getting massive followers too.

Invigorating cool climes and enchanting scenic beauty make Tagaytay not only a magnetic travel destination but a place where in your dream home should be. And now that real estate in Tagayay had also sprung, Day by day, Tagaytay is becoming the #1 location for anyone’s Home – thus making people stay longer and much appreciative of Tagaytay’s real beauty.

Tagaytay is one of the few places anywhere where you get a lot more than you paid for. It ain’t cheap but definitely affordable. Here are some reasons why you should have your own Tagaytay property today!

1. Tagaytay is virtually crime free. Very seldom we can hear or read news about some crimes happening in Tagaytay. This makes Tagaytay properties a safe place for you and your family. And what’s more important than a sense of security?

2. Tagaytay has the greatest food and restaurants. Tagaytay is especially known for pineapples and you’re sure to catch acres upon acres of pineapple plantations as you cruise down the main highway. Tagaytay restaurants are certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to restaurants that can offer you good food without the jaw-dropping price. Coffee Alamid is now one of the most popular types of coffee today. It’s so popular that restaurants all over the world are starting to serve it.

3. With nice weather all year round, your family will enjoy doing lots of activities without getting burned out by the sun or soak in the rain. With a higher altitude and lots of pristine provincial air, the place attracts crowds who want to bask in the excellent weather.

4. Tagaytay property owners enjoy their unpolluted air.

5. Without doubt, what appeals most about Tagaytay is its natural attractions. One can take pleasure from one of the most serene natural views that can behold one’s eyes – Taal Volcano the world’s smallest most active volcano that is located within a lake that has been formed from the continuous eruptions of the temperamental volcano in the past.

6. There are a lot of places that you can go to in Tagaytay – The picnic grove, palace in the sky, white cove resort, taal lake yatch club and many more; and absolutely lots of activities to do – camping, horseback riding, diving, golfing and many more. This only means more activities that you and your family can enjoy doing together. Enjoy this everyday of your life when you have your own Tagaytay house and lot and we’re sure that your family bond will be stronger and your children will grow well.

Do you have the money? Then Tagaytay is the place to invest it in. Do you got your family and wants to have your dream home now? Then Tagaytay is the paradise for you and your family. Even we’ve already described Tagaytay here and cited some reason why you should own a Tagaytay Property today; still we just can’t squeeze all the beauty of Tagaytay here. Words can’t describe how majestic the place is and how it can help you to have a better life ahead. So Just GO there and see it for yourself. Experience Tagaytay – the place where your dream home should be.

Tagaytay Fontaine Villas is an exclusive enclave for those who want to be worlds away from the hectic pace of the city yet want the convenience of modern urban amenities. Only minutes away from Tagaytay, you have easy access to retail establishments, medical centers, as well as educational institutions.